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07 February 2009 @ 08:19 am
So Remember I had A Secret Well......  
While everyone waited at the Convention Center for Sho to appear I had to head back to my job were I had to get ready for what could possibly the most nerve wreaking waiting game of my life.
Well the big secret was that my friend and I were going to meet Mr. Sakurai himself.
As most people noticed from the Convention he had a camera crew with him and was dress in a suit well he was filming something for NEWSZERO. (Which I now have to find in the 704x396 because my computer is old and can't handle the bigger size)

I did go to the convention, Asked some of my Guy friends to get us tickets but they called and said that the fans rushed the booth and they didn't hand out many tickets for the movie. That's when I knew he was going to be coming alot earlier than expected and so my freaking out happened just as the two of us were trying to finish Sho's and Arashi's presents. My hands were shaking and Gomen ne Riida yours didn't come out as good GOMEN!!!!!!!! Anyway we did finish but forgot to take a picture of them but they were a bunch of bears with NYC hoodies with their names on the back my friend Misa sewed the names I got the shirts and the Disney pins but since we only had a weeks noticed to get everything together. Okay just as we finished and I went to get the ribbon to tie the bears and the shirts together. My manager gets a call that they're here and I begin to hyperventalete so freaking bad. Originally the interview was supposed to both me and my friend but they decieded not to do it that way because of time. So after my manager told us that he took me to see the director and the translator/producer. First was the introductions with them because they were filming things outside of my store. So he asked me the one line I can remember the most clearly "Do you know ARASHI?" that was the director and I know he was trying really hard to say it right and of course I say Yes and that I'm a big BIG HUGE FAN. He told me to tell him that too. The interview was suppose to be about manga because of course the Convention. So after that they told me to stay on the Second Floor because it was were the manga is of course and they went and joined Sho and crew outside for the filming. Of course my breathing got faster and I went and got a cup of water. Misa ran down and said look out the window and there he was Sho Sakurai being inner freakout (I didn't do it loudly because I couldn't freak out the customers that were in the store.) I drank the water so fast that I got brain freeze. Okay Girlies here it comes They finished outside in walked in and went up to the 2nd floor.

Sho and crew (which was about 15 people including the Big Bodyguard) started walking around the manga section picking out titles he knew notting the fact that in big letters the sign said MANGA ( and yes ladies he spelled it out cho kawaiii!!!!!!!!!!!) That was the first real glimpse I got of him too in his black suit and blue tie and all his beautiful glory. My manger made me stand at the information desk to field quick questions from the customers (btw I wasn't even supposed to be on the clock but they made me have my name tag on anyway althought they did decided to pay me for it ) Sho walked around and talked to the random manga fans on the floor who didn't know who he was and were probably wondering afterward about it. He talked about the american comic books too and went over to the Comic spindle and the Giant Naruto display we have in the store (BTW I sooo taking that display because he touched it) He talked over there and then he went back into the manga section and I was ushered in to talk with him one on one (insert freak out here) although on camera I looked calm I was freaking out. We talked about the mangas in the store (i.e, sales, popularity, and why it is that it's so popular in America yes I am an Otaku and I do run the manga book club that runs through the store so I know what's what, I tried my best not to freak) After a while Director-san told me with hand gestures that I should tell him that I knew who he was and I did. His eyes bugged out he asked me in English do you know who I am and I said yes your Sho Sakurai and he just nodded his head. This is were Sho's interrigation began he asked me what my favorite songs were (Truth & A.Ra.Shi) he asked me how I found out about Arashi (Through V6 actually singing the song Change the World for Inuyasha now that I think about it was it that song can't remember) then he asked me who my #1 favorite is and not to lie about it so of course I said Aiba and he repeated Aiba's name after I said it and smiled and asked for #2 and I said Jun and he said MastsuJun and then he asked for #3 and I said him and he was happy that he wasn't #4 or 5. Although he didn't ask were Nino and Riida landed in the list. Then he asked me to sing one of the songs of course my brain took this as forget the song completely so I asked which song and he said A.Ra.Shi and I sang the chorus well what my brain could remember before my embarrasement settled in. And then asked me to sing truth (BTW he couldn't remember the lyrics either) I sang the beginning and he joined in and after he was so happy that I knew the music. We talked about how popular Arashi is in the US and how big the Asian music industry is getting over here. Then he shook my hand (yes I touched him) and they filmed some other things in the magazine section. Were my friend Misa was standing reading a manga trying to just be near him without freaking out and after they finished there as they were leaving we gave him the present and said Happy Birthday shook his hand again he said thank you (he was so happy about the presents and shocked that we took the time to make them) he shook Misa's hand and left.

My firend Misa told me he was glowing when it was all done and trust me he was. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I MEET SHO SAKURAI

We tried to get to go see the movie but I guess after the freak out at the convention that they didn't let everyone in so of course I went home.
Pictures weren't allowed but I think after watching NEWSZERO you'll know it's true.

*Edited 2009.03.02

although my manger got video so I might have some pictures after all!!! but don't say anything.

Okay I have been getting the same questions over and over again so I thought I should answer them so people don't get confused. Plus I had written this entry before work on Saturday morning so I couldn't put everything in.

#1 Was this at the Kinokuniya Book Store?
Sorry no it wasn't. Although Kino does have a manga section on the second floor it was not.
It was at a Borders Store in NYC

#2 Do you work there?
Yes, I do work for Borders I have been working at that store for 3 years and everyone in the store knows I'm a fan of all things Japanese.

#3 Was the interview in Japanese/English?
I spoke in English and Sho spoke in Japanese we had help of a translator who was very nice and very helpful!
I don't speak Japanese although I want to learn.

#4 Why did they pick me to do this?
Okay here are the full details on this.
First off when I found out that Sho was going to be at Comic Con I was happy because at the time I was thinking about not going although I already had my ticket. Then on the Tuesday (January 27th) before the convention I was sorting stuff in the stock room when my manager called me over the wakie and said what do you know about a group named Arashi? Of course I said everything and was suspicious of the question I asked him why and he said he'd give me the details as soon as he was done with the phone call. Then I was getting ready to leave for the day and I went to see him and he gave me the full details about the possiblity (at the time) of Sho interviewing me for the convention at the store. Yes I was excitied but nothing was set in stone until this past Wednesday when the camera crew came in to look at the location. According to both the Director and Producer of NEWS ZERO they were looking into doing it at Barnes and Noble but the B&N stores here in NY didn't have big enough manga sections not even the big B&N at 14th street. After this I was pulled aside and told that it was going to happen between 3 and 4 in the afternoon on friday.
The reason they picked me is because I am the resident manga expert at my store I have been for 3 years now and I currently run the only manga book club for Borders in NYC. The Producer and Director at the time didn't know I knew who Arashi was and they had only found out on friday.

#5 About the Presents.
And let me make this clear before I get any hate for it because I did in fact ask ahead of time before presenting them to Sho.
They were made not for his appearance or anything because even if he didn't come I would have kept all the presents at home but we did get permission for it and we did it as a thank you for being able to do it at my job. They were simple NY things that you would have gotten at any shop here. We just personalized them not knowing until wednesday that he was in fact coming to the store for the interview. We always ask if it's okay to do something were I work. I do have to deal with alot of celebrities were I work at and I know the rules, for both Celebs in the US and international. 
It was done off camera and just before he left too.

If there is anymore questions that I might have missed please tell me and I will answer them!


I tried my best to answer everyone's comments and questions and I'm really happy to share this expirence with everyone

* Updated NEWS ZERO Information (Updated 2009.03.02)

Update 2009.02.20
Estimated Air Date: March 2009
I don't know the full details of whether it's actually going to be on. This is an estimate.
I was on the phone with one of the producers today and he was asking for even more details about myself so I'm guessing from the time frame that they're editing and getting it ready.
If it does air on the 2nd it's in conjunction with the release of the movie and the Arashi Single. That's all the information I have for now!

*I watched the 2009.03.02 broadcast and no it didn't air. Although I do realize that most of what did air involved Comic Con and Yatterman so I'm taking a long shot in saying this but since what I did at my job didn't involve Yatterman it might be it's going to be on air on a different date. Which kills me since I don't know when and I usually work on mondays I have to wait til I get home to find out.

Okay apparently it aired with the Yatterman NEWS ZERO SP OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it and I can't really think.

Borders! Books Movies Music & Cafe!

Yes I'm going to tell you the location and if you want to come by and chat with me my manga book club is the 3rd wednesday of every month. (Although we only really talk about the manga were supposed to talk about for 10 minutes then we pretty much talk about anything else.) The store is on the corner of 57th and Park Ave. And that's all the directions I'm giving you! It's kinda hard to miss considering it's on Park Avenue!

The actual Manga Section. We had inventory after this so it looks more empty but the shippments have been coming in it's kinda hard to keep track of things. It was actually funny listening to them film this part and like everything else alot was cut out. P.S. Don't mind the manga kids they're okay but I guess they weren't really happy about being forced to move that day but I didn't care much because it was Sho!

That's the magazine section and the only part with all the anime/manga magazines. That girl in the background is actually my friend Misa since she didn't get to be interviewed by Sho they pushed her into standing near him. She told me after this was filmed that Sho kept dropping the inserts from the magazines on the floor and he kept picking it up. Aww Sho is so cute!

Yes the actual interview Sho is freaking Kawii when he was asking who was my favorite.

Also for anyone interested You can Stop by the store on the 3rd wednesday of the month at 5PM I have my manga book club although it's a manga book club we do talk about alot of things other than manga. I've gotten some of the regulars addicted to japanese drama's and even made them Johnny's Fans!
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nurikocamnurikocam on February 7th, 2009 01:57 pm (UTC)
I seriuosly dont know what to say.. OH MY GOD!