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04 September 2008 @ 07:17 pm
The JE Google MeMe!  
I was bored so I came up with this meme considering it's fun when you find things on google.
Okay so here's how it goes.
  1. Pick a Guy from JE
  2. Type and Search his name on google
  3. Go to the Image results.
  4. Pick 6 different pages and 6 different pictures.
Easy right, except you can't repost the same pictures that were posted before. the reason, well it makes it more fun plus there's always new pictures
This is the first time I've made up a MEME! I hope everyone has fun.
Of course I picked Junnosuke to do for mine. And you too can pick the same people.

If you wanna do this comment here and tell me who your picking so we can all see each other's pictures.
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