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29 August 2008 @ 08:42 am
Junnosuke and The Princess [hime to kashu (そして姫歌集) My Fiction]  
Title: hime to kashu (そして姫歌集)
Characters: Taguchi Junnosuke, Mari (it's actually a shorter version of my middle name)
Rating: G (for now who knows what might happen in the future of this story)
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone from Johnny's Entertainment, this is just fiction
Summary: A Princess from a foreign land is allowed 6 month before she is to return home and be married off too someone she does not care about. But her trip to Japan during her last 6 weeks would bring one unexpected surprise Junnosuke
Author's Notes: This is actually based off a dream I had hence the female character's name is my own. Although I used my middle name to make it easier on me to not mix it up with other stories I'm writing.
*Another random note-If you noticed I'm calling them tracks and not chapters, the reason is well I actually want it to seem like an album, Although I might actually post the songs I tend to listen to while writing this story. And at this point it's a pretty long soundtrack for a story.

This is actually being Updated in angelsnight so I thought I would give my friends list a chance to comment on the story. This is a batch
of the first 3 chapters. I'll probably just post the batches here every so often.
I would love to get some feedback from my Junno Obessed friends list about this story. I thought he needed alittle love when I started writting this story.

Prelude6 weeks and the angel under the Cherry Blossoms

       It’s been a long 4 & 1/2 months for Mari she thought back as she sat on a bench in the park. It was a beautiful spring day in Tokyo it would be her first and last spring in Japan. She was following the rules that had been set by her father. 6 months that was all she had. 6 months to live anyway she pleased. It was hard at first because of the massive amount of protection that her father had set up around her. In fact it still was a problem until a few days before when Mari ran away from the trouble of that came with being who she was.
“He must’ve been really angry when I ran off” Mari thought to herself about her overly strict father. Although she did the bad thing of calling home and telling him that if he didn’t lift the guards she’d run for good. Her father became very irritable afterward, but he agreed to let her last 6 weeks be the way she wanted them by herself. In six weeks she would return back home and follow all the rules including marrying someone she didn’t care about, just because that was how things were.
Mari felt the warm breeze sweep by her bringing down some of the petals from the cherry blossom tree. It was spring, it was her last days of freedom. And no true memories to go with them. She closed her eyes and felt the spring breeze push the petals around her. A new beginning would feel wonderful to her but for now she’d just take this feeling of freedom.

Junnosuke was walking down the street hoping not to be noticed. The streets were busy as he rushed by the people walking around. He had made his way to the park so he could cut across and get to the recording studio. The band was having a meeting about the upcoming record they were set to start recording and he was rushing because he didn’t want to be late when something caught his eye. The cherry blossoms where in full bloom and it was something that had to be admired. He stopped even though he was running late just to look. That’s when he saw someone moving around one of the trees. It was a girl. She didn’t look Japanese to him it could be the curly hair or the fact that her eyes were round and beautiful. She was just standing there all alone with the petals just floating around her.
“What could a person be thinking when they’re standing alone like that” he thought to himself. Then as though she knew that he was looking at he she opening her eyes and looked straight at him. That’s when he knew she was from another world. Their eyes met and must to his surprise she didn’t look away. For that moment he felt a strong connection, even though they didn’t know each other or even spoken one word to each other he felt it. Then she smiled at him, it was a shy simple smile. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest just from that. He couldn’t think of anything else to do but smile back. It was just a brief moment in time but it had felt so right. She’s an Angel he thought to himself.
Track One Unexpected Beginning

“Yo Taguchi” said a voice from behind. “I though I was the only one running late.” The voice said to him but Junnosuke didn’t turn around to see whose voice it was.

“Earth to Taguchi, what are you looking at? Come on were going to be late.” Said the voice and then he felt someone tugging at his jacket, that was when all eye contact was broken.

“Ahh” he said as he tripped over his friend’s shoe and hit the ground. Although it sounded distant he could hear the sound of someone laughing, he didn’t want to but looked up to see her face and saw that she was no longer standing under the cherry blossom tree but headed toward him.

“You okay man, I’m sorry.,” his friend said. Taguchi finally noticing who it was that had tripped him. It was Kamenashi. He should have known that from the sound of Kame’s voice but was too distracted by the girl. 
Even though Kame was younger than him he knew he didn’t stand a chance with girls when he was around. He was everything girls looked for in a guy and then some. At time Junnosuke felt like he should bury all chance he had on getting her attention and dig a hole big enough to bury himself and his confidence into the ground.
“Are you all right?” said the voice of the girl, he looked up to face the direction her voice came from and saw her up close, “She is an angel.” He said out loud. Just as he said it he saw her smile at the comment. Her face lit up just from that one smile and he knew he was in trouble, She looked like she was from heaven to him.
“He’s fine, just an idiot who trips on himself” said Kame, as Junnosuke was getting off the ground all he could do was glare at his friend because Kame was the reason why he’d tripped in the first place. Instead of standing up he sat back down on the ground, not having the energy to argue about the reasons why he was on the floor. The all of a sudden she was knelling beside him.

“Let’s pretend I never saw this,” she said to him, and all that came to mind was ‘There is a god.’
“My name is Mari” she said and held out her hand.
“Taguchi, Taguchi Junnosuke” was all he could say, although it felt more like he was saying he was James Bond, which made him feel stupider. He took her hand and gave her a shy smile.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. And thank you” she said, Junnosuke just looked at her with a puzzled expression. She smiled and said “ You made my day.” Still puzzled about why she said what she said. Then he heard someone clearing their throat forgetting that Kame was there with them.

“Not to interrupt you but we’re going to be late.” He said while motioning to his watch.
“Oh sorry” she said to Kame.

Junnosuke finally decided to pick himself up from the pavement, he wiped off the dirt off his jeans and was about to ask her for her number when all of a sudden she grabbed his hand. “Oh no your bleeding” she said and began to dig inside her bag and pulled out a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a handkerchief.
“Man you’re an idiot” Kame said to him just as Junnosuke decided to check his hand for damage. “Don’t worry I’ll tell everyone your going to be late.” Kame said just as he left the part in the direction of the studio.
That was the only thing that Junnosuke was grateful for, his friend finally leaving. “This might hurt a bit.” She said as she touched his hand with the sanitizer, He felt the liquid touch the cut on his hand and flinched almost pulling his hand away from her. “Okay it might hurt a lot.” She said with a small smile. Boy was he showing his stupid said today, he felt like a complete loser now.
The touch of her hand was warm and soft, he just wanted to stay like that for a while. She wrapped his hand in a light pink handkerchief and said, “There you go good as new. Well sort of” he couldn’t help but smile at her comment.

Then she saw the time on his watch, “Oh no I’m going to be really late.” Her panicking voice brought him back to reality. She was about to rush out of his life and all he knew was her name. He had to work fast, he grabbed his wallet and took out a piece of paper and wrote his number on it along with his e-mail address.
“Here, If you don’t mind maybe I could take you out as a thank you for.” He raised his right hand, just as she took the paper he noticed her cheeks turning a slight shade of pink. She gave him a shy smile and took his right hand and was careful to write her number on the handkerchief and not hurt him even more. “That would be nice.” She said smiled at him again.

“Until we meet again” she told him and walked off in the other direction.
He stood there long after she walked away until she wasn’t within eyesight. He looked at her handwriting on the handkerchief and then noticed the time on his watch. He was really really late now. “Damn” he said and walked off to the studio.

Track Two – One Step at a Time

Mari couldn’t help but blush. A bad day had turned into a good one.
‘Life can be good sometimes’ she thought to herself as she walked to where her father’s secretary was supposed to meet her. He had sent the woman as soon as Mari arrived in Japan to deal with everything Mari would need while staying in Tokyo. But unlike before Mari now had confidence to face every new challenge that came her way. Well at least enough to get by.

As she reached her destination she felt her confidence slowly slipping away. Her freedom was always at stake when it came to her family. Her father would just call her 6 months away nothing and force her back into what he calls normal. He’ll ignore the whole matter and be angry at her all at the same time. Just because she ran away for a few months.
She now stood outside what looked like an apartment building, it was all white and clean. It felt like a small chance at freedom to her and it looked like it would be an okay place to stay while she was there.

“Ah there you are, you know I almost called your father.” Said the voice of her fathers overbearing secretary. Mari swore to her younger sisters that the woman had something stuck up her butt because she had been the only person to be able to handle her father after her mother had died. As the woman rambled on Mari tried not to listen to her voice, if her father had heard about her being late life would become another complication.

Although she wasn’t the oldest in her family she was still born into her royal pain in the butt life, being a princess does come at a price when you had a father like her’s. That’s why she had choose to stay in Japan no one knew who she was and that made it easier to act like a tourist or a student for a short while.
“I cannot believe he’s going to let you live here.” The woman said with discuss. Her dad’s secretary wasn’t very nice to her most of the time, the woman had saved all the charm for her father not that he would give her the time of day. She was only younger than her father by 5 years and worked hard to look beautiful with her long black hair and designer suits. But her father was a rock that the woman couldn’t crack.

“Yes but a promise is a promise,” Mari told her. She had made sure that her father would give her total freedom while she was away. In short he’d have to let her make her own decisions. Where she would live, work and eat. All of her own decisions.

“He’s not hiding guards around here, because after last time I prefer he let me be.” She told the woman. The last few months were horrible because of the guards. She was stuck inside all the time and couldn’t even make friends.
“No he’s going to trust you. I really wish he’d give the throne to your brother he’s more responsible and he could run it better too.” The woman had told her Mari’s younger brother Gabe could run the country better but since her older brother had ran away from home after her mother had passed she had to become the queen.

“Don’t mention that again until this is over. Thank you for everything but I’m going to get settled. Tell my father that I’ll call him.” Mari said as she pushed the woman away. A 21st century princess with an 18th century father. Then again if her father had paid as much attention to her brother Gabe as he did to her there wouldn’t be a royal family, because he would have killed them both.

“I will tell him you’ll call. Here are the keys to the apartment. The money is in the safe just enter the code and you can get into it. He said your job starts the day after tomorrow. It’s only a 6-week internship and at the end you are to return home and prepare for the coronation, which will be held the month after. That’s everything and I will see you in 6 weeks to pick you up.” She said bowed at her and then walked away. Mari had the urge to act like a five year old and stick out her tongue but opted to walk into the building instead.

As she got on the elevator she felt deflated as if life was just to annoying to actually live and then thought about the day. Then she remembered the guy from earlier and dug into her purse to pull out the small piece of paper with his name on it. “Junnosuke” she read out loud to herself. It was the first time she had that kind of reaction to a guy. All he did was look at her and she could feel her heart jump.

Would her father know if she went on a date with him? If he did keep his promise not very likely. “But it’s best to be careful” she said as she took one step off the elevator and into her new but short life of freedom.

Track Three – Decisions

Junnosuke’s mind began to wander off for the millionth time. When he arrived he was pushed into the recording studio to do his vocal tracks. The meeting was pushed back for after the recording was done. Now as the meeting began he wasn’t distracted enough to forget about what had happened earlier. The meeting was about the groups upcoming projects, for their new album and for the show. But at the time all he could think about was Mari and when would be a good time for him to call her.

He had made sure to put her number into his cell phone as he walked to the studio, for fear of accidentally washing it off. He had also noticed that Kame hadn’t told the others about her or what happened either. He just said that Junnosuke was a klutz and fell on his way there. It was a good thing they were friends or he would have been teased from the moment he walked in the door.

“Okay that’s everything for today, have a good day off tomorrow everyone. It’s going to be a very busy 6 weeks.” Said their manager. After they were left alone Junnosuke looked around at his bandmates who had all turned their attention to the pink handkerchief wrapped around his hand. If they hadn’t noticed before why did he think he could get away with it now.

“Taguchi I didn’t know you carried around something so cute.” Koki said

“Wow that’s really girly.” Nakamaru added

Junnosuke looked at the pair and just smiled, which had them taken aback for a minute.

“Oh no it’s the creepy smile” Nakamaru said

“I think we’ve stepped into something here.” Jin said as he joined Koki and Nakamaru

“Taguchi you want some food” Kame yelled from across the room and Junnosuke got up and walked away from the minefield. He wasn’t going to let them ruin something good.

“I think he’s ignoring us” Koki said with a hint of joy in his voice. They were up to something and Junnosuke didn’t want to know what it was.

“Better be careful with those 3.” Ueda said as Junnosuke joined Kame at the table.

“Yeah I know” he said as he looked at the phone number still written on his hand. When should he call her, if he called to early it would be weird but if he waited to long she could lose interest.

“Can I ask you two a question,” he asked as they looked at him strangely. They’ve been in the same group for almost 10 years but lately he felt like he was the butt of every joke the past couple of months.

“What is it?”  Ueda asked a little curious about the question.
Junnosuke looked over to where Jin, Koki and Nakamaru were. He was trying to avoid the three of them because they were plotting something and usually when it involved him, the outcome wasn’t going to be fun. He turned back to Kame and Ueda took a deep breath and asked “When is it okay to called a girl? I mean how long after you get her number is it okay to call?” completely nervous about the whole situation, he could feel the palms of his hands being to sweat.

Kame just smiled and Ueda looked confused. “The girl under the cherry blossoms.” Kame said and all he could do was nod back at him.

“Am I missing something?” Ueda asked

“Well the reason way Taguchi was late today was because he met a girl, she was rather sweet to him too. Even after he embarrassed himself in front of her.” Kame explained to Ueda.

“Well I hope she can tolerate you periods of stupidity considering how KY you are sometimes.” Said a voice from behind. Junnosuke turned around and saw that the other three members had joined them.

“Don’t ruin this for him.” Ueda said to the trio in defense for Junnosuke, but all he got from the trio was a smirk. Junnosuke knew he was in for it now. When it came to him role in the group he was always getting picked on, he had gotten used to it at this point. But he wasn’t going to let them kill the moment for him.

“Well if we’re done here I’m leaving.” Junnosuke said taking the chance to runaway from impending doom. “I’ll see you the day after tomorrow, Bye.: he said rushing out of the room. Still not knowing what he should do about calling her. Except now he felt slightly defeated because of what the terrible trio was up to.

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