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☆~♥My Sweet Angel♥~☆
03 May 2009 @ 05:09 pm

Welcome to my Live Journal Page

Graphics aren't Friends-lock
Randomness is

Comment to Be Added
*Lately alot of people have been adding me so now it's definitely locked if you haven't posted anything in you own LJ page I will not add you back you can add me for updates but I won't add you to my f-list. If you would late to be added back just comment on this post and I would gladly add you back but only if we have something in common and you post regularly in your own journal!
There is one RULE I would like to stress The icons in my profile as well as the two banners on this page are mine I would love it if no one took them please!!! Other than those you can take as many as you want.
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☆~♥My Sweet Angel♥~☆

Not counting Kumori Nochi, Kaisei because that was sung by Ohno alone
Both of their drama theme songs so far have had English titles
Could this be a TREND!!!!
I'm bored and I didn't want to go another month without posting so I thought my randomness would work better than no post at all!!!
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Is it me or Does he change his hair more than any other member....
Hell his hairstyle changes more than any girl I know
☆~♥My Sweet Angel♥~☆




Why do I see something wrong with this article


Wait wait it may have something to do with the fact that the first Silent Hill movie is nothing like the game and then there's the fact that they never ended it the way it should have SHE SHOULD HAVE DIED DAMN IT

then maybe just maybe this movie would make sense except she wasn't with her father in the first movie and oh yeah they put in all this stuff that should never have been in the movie to begin with

Kill Me now please


Let's see if the first movie actually followed the game then it would have been more of a psychological horror movie

The monsters only appearing the closer you got to the location you had to get to

Oh yeah it's the father Harry Mason looking for his daughter Cheryl who for some reason after a car accident she goes missing his only clue a picture drawn by Cheryl points that he should go to the school. There is no one in the town itself with the exception of a female cop, a crazy doctor, a shy nurse and of course the psycho Grannie yes the one that in the first movie is depicted as a miss understood woman (guess what she fucking psycho)

No towns people damn it

In fact Harry's wife was already freaking dead long before his trip to Silent Hill (yes the movie gets it wrong)


Through it all he tries his best to find his missing daughter only to find out that she has the powers of dear old Alessa Gillespie because Alessa can be reborn after she dies only because she is a vessel for the reawakening of an all powerful god, wait wait they didn't mention this in the movie. Psycho Grannie aka Dahlia whom is Alessas mother is behind everything but didn't think her daughters powers where as strong as they were. 

There's alot more but I'm getting angry just writing about this so let's jump 5 years into the future to now

and see what it's taken to make sense of a truly well written video game turned into a horrible movie

Well it's go to hell night they've decided to finally make the sequel except instead of the mother/daughter (the premise of the first movie) it's back to father/daughter well well well I guess they found the flaws in the first movie unless I'm being lied to again. I mean they got Heather right ( oh right did I forget to mention that Cheryl/Alessa dies in the end of the first game to be reborn into a little girl now named Heather)

Wait lets not forget they kill off Harry in the game does he die in the movie does Dahlia come back to see the birth of a new world how much of the game is actually put into the movie, and why did they skip right over Silent Hill 2 yes the one they're making is in fact the 3 game in the series they skipped

I can find many things wrong with this right now

But let's see how it'll all end in the movie

Just to let you know this is a rant Silent Hill is one of my favorite games I love it even though it made me hate horror movies because american horror is not as good as this game.
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Hanshin Awaji Daishinsai kara 15 nen Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan
Eng Title : 15 years since Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster 7 days of Kobe Newspaper
Time: From 9.00 p.m., 16 January 2010
Station: Fuji TV

On 17 January 1995, the Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred. Lifelines such as the roads, railroads, electricity, water supply, gas and telephone lines were cut off. At that time, Kobe Shimbun’s photojournalist Mitsuyama Tomohiko (Sakurai Sho), was a news photographer in his fourth year with the paper. Kobe Shimbun, which had been around for 110 years, was a popular local newspaper that the people of Hyogo had to have. Furthermore, its staff was proud that the the paper had never suspended publication since its establishment. However, the paper’s functions were completely paralyzed by the earthquake, which had destroyed its computers and also made the development of photographs difficult. All they had left were just two phone lines and a rotary press but they did not give up producing newspapers.

At first I wasn't going to watch this but I woke up and watched it because I remembered it was on.
This happened 15 years ago and as I watched the images come up from the actual story I remembered it very little. I was only 11 years old when this happened. Sho's performance as well as the whole cast was phenomenal. The DocuDrama showed not only the actors who portayed these real life people but those who actually lived through this. Showing the emotion from those photographers as the pictures they took began to break their hearts. So many dead around them and they couldn't take pictures because it made them sad. To the reporters who had to set aside their feelings and lost of those they loved to be able to write the stories they did. If your gonna take the time to watch this than have tissues ready because you'll be balling before the end. I don't want to say much because you have to see the whole thing to understand the emotion. I was tweeting the whole time with my friend ueda_love1  and the both of us talked about many things like how the Editor of the paper poured a bottle of sake on the ground as a way to say farewell to those who died and how this event so long ago reminds you of the things that have happened in your life. We live through so much in so little time and the things that stay with you are the ones that have a big impact on the world around us, bombings, earthquakes, war etc.. We should learn from these and learn to help each other out not cause them to become a bigger problem. Forget things like 2012 and religion talking about the End of Days, this movie is teaching you that things happen unexpectedly and you should learn to live your life help those who need it and move forward because you don't know when something like this will happen around you.
For my review I give this movie a full 4 stars for reminding people that anything can happen you can lose everything in one moment but you have to learn to live on after and not just let it follow you.

This is going to be Today's Sho Month post because it was his drama. A picture of him is not needed today..
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01 January 2010 @ 07:26 pm

I got the idea from 2010_scrapbook 

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01 January 2010 @ 07:53 am

So far the major things I'm doing this weekend involves a new layout and a friend cut considering I have alot of people added that I don't talk to.
I know a lot of people I do talk to so I won't cut them but to make sure though post a comment here so I don't cut you off the list by accident!!

Another thing I'm doing is making my entries public.. Well most of them there will be some friend only ones when it comes to my personal life but any fangirling will be public which would be good.

This is one of many things I'm doing this month some others will be surprises so look forward to it. If I cave by the end of the day I may or may not start Sho Month. Who knows lol The more I think about it I think maybe I should but that'll involve alot of double post so I don't mix in things that I don't want public. You can give opinions on whether or not I actually do it.
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24 December 2009 @ 09:40 pm

We put up the Christmas Tree!!
We got bored
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22 November 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

I saw it 3 times
Once on Wednesday for a Screening
and Twice on friday.
It was okay but there were things that I wish they would have kept from the book.
It was a bit better than Twilight but than again the story is progressing from this point.
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I'm getting better at these!
Althought I went a bit crazy when I scanned the SS501 Collection album because somehow the file size is over 700mbs
I made them super HQ because I wanted a really good scan to make graphics out of I scanned it at 600ppi so the pictures are over 3000x3000 I uploaded it to mediafire and megaupload.
The mediafire links are split and have to be joined with HJSplit.
The Tohoshinki Single is at 300ppi but still good quality!!
I hope Everyone Enjoys them!
Comments are loved
Credit if using
No re-uploading please


 HQ Scans [Megaupload]
HQ Mediafire [.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] [.005] [.006] [.007] [.008]
Resized Scans [Megaupload]

[Megaupload] [Mediafire]
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☆~♥My Sweet Angel♥~☆
I know everyone is Scanning All The Best! But I was going to do this
Long before I remembered everyone else was.
I was committed to it.
All the other Scans were out of the blue and because I thought everyone might want something alittle different!
I hope Everyone Enjoys them!
Comments are loved
Credit if using
No re-uploading please

[mediafire] [megaupload]

[mediafire] [megaupload]

[mediafire] [megaupload]

I for the life of me Don't know what magazine this is
I only brought it because MatsuJun Looked Adorable
Someone tell me the name of the Magazine!!!

[mediafire] [megaupload]

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Since I finally got a new printer/scanner I decided to scan some things as a way to test it out and thought why not share! Comments are loved Credit if using No re-uploading please

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07 February 2009 @ 08:19 am
While everyone waited at the Convention Center for Sho to appear I had to head back to my job were I had to get ready for what could possibly the most nerve wreaking waiting game of my life.
Well the big secret was that my friend and I were going to meet Mr. Sakurai himself.
As most people noticed from the Convention he had a camera crew with him and was dress in a suit well he was filming something for NEWSZERO. (Which I now have to find in the 704x396 because my computer is old and can't handle the bigger size)

I did go to the convention, Asked some of my Guy friends to get us tickets but they called and said that the fans rushed the booth and they didn't hand out many tickets for the movie. That's when I knew he was going to be coming alot earlier than expected and so my freaking out happened just as the two of us were trying to finish Sho's and Arashi's presents. My hands were shaking and Gomen ne Riida yours didn't come out as good GOMEN!!!!!!!! Anyway we did finish but forgot to take a picture of them but they were a bunch of bears with NYC hoodies with their names on the back my friend Misa sewed the names I got the shirts and the Disney pins but since we only had a weeks noticed to get everything together. Okay just as we finished and I went to get the ribbon to tie the bears and the shirts together. My manager gets a call that they're here and I begin to hyperventalete so freaking bad. Originally the interview was supposed to both me and my friend but they decieded not to do it that way because of time. So after my manager told us that he took me to see the director and the translator/producer. First was the introductions with them because they were filming things outside of my store. So he asked me the one line I can remember the most clearly "Do you know ARASHI?" that was the director and I know he was trying really hard to say it right and of course I say Yes and that I'm a big BIG HUGE FAN. He told me to tell him that too. The interview was suppose to be about manga because of course the Convention. So after that they told me to stay on the Second Floor because it was were the manga is of course and they went and joined Sho and crew outside for the filming. Of course my breathing got faster and I went and got a cup of water. Misa ran down and said look out the window and there he was Sho Sakurai being inner freakout (I didn't do it loudly because I couldn't freak out the customers that were in the store.) I drank the water so fast that I got brain freeze. Okay Girlies here it comes They finished outside in walked in and went up to the 2nd floor.

Sho and crew (which was about 15 people including the Big Bodyguard) started walking around the manga section picking out titles he knew notting the fact that in big letters the sign said MANGA ( and yes ladies he spelled it out cho kawaiii!!!!!!!!!!!) That was the first real glimpse I got of him too in his black suit and blue tie and all his beautiful glory. My manger made me stand at the information desk to field quick questions from the customers (btw I wasn't even supposed to be on the clock but they made me have my name tag on anyway althought they did decided to pay me for it ) Sho walked around and talked to the random manga fans on the floor who didn't know who he was and were probably wondering afterward about it. He talked about the american comic books too and went over to the Comic spindle and the Giant Naruto display we have in the store (BTW I sooo taking that display because he touched it) He talked over there and then he went back into the manga section and I was ushered in to talk with him one on one (insert freak out here) although on camera I looked calm I was freaking out. We talked about the mangas in the store (i.e, sales, popularity, and why it is that it's so popular in America yes I am an Otaku and I do run the manga book club that runs through the store so I know what's what, I tried my best not to freak) After a while Director-san told me with hand gestures that I should tell him that I knew who he was and I did. His eyes bugged out he asked me in English do you know who I am and I said yes your Sho Sakurai and he just nodded his head. This is were Sho's interrigation began he asked me what my favorite songs were (Truth & A.Ra.Shi) he asked me how I found out about Arashi (Through V6 actually singing the song Change the World for Inuyasha now that I think about it was it that song can't remember) then he asked me who my #1 favorite is and not to lie about it so of course I said Aiba and he repeated Aiba's name after I said it and smiled and asked for #2 and I said Jun and he said MastsuJun and then he asked for #3 and I said him and he was happy that he wasn't #4 or 5. Although he didn't ask were Nino and Riida landed in the list. Then he asked me to sing one of the songs of course my brain took this as forget the song completely so I asked which song and he said A.Ra.Shi and I sang the chorus well what my brain could remember before my embarrasement settled in. And then asked me to sing truth (BTW he couldn't remember the lyrics either) I sang the beginning and he joined in and after he was so happy that I knew the music. We talked about how popular Arashi is in the US and how big the Asian music industry is getting over here. Then he shook my hand (yes I touched him) and they filmed some other things in the magazine section. Were my friend Misa was standing reading a manga trying to just be near him without freaking out and after they finished there as they were leaving we gave him the present and said Happy Birthday shook his hand again he said thank you (he was so happy about the presents and shocked that we took the time to make them) he shook Misa's hand and left.

My firend Misa told me he was glowing when it was all done and trust me he was. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I MEET SHO SAKURAI

We tried to get to go see the movie but I guess after the freak out at the convention that they didn't let everyone in so of course I went home.
Pictures weren't allowed but I think after watching NEWSZERO you'll know it's true.

*Edited 2009.03.02

More Info under the Cut Mostly about the Questions I get over and overCollapse )

I tried my best to answer everyone's comments and questions and I'm really happy to share this expirence with everyone

* Updated NEWS ZERO Information (Updated 2009.03.02)

NEWS ZERO Information!Collapse )

Pictures, Links & Fun!Collapse )
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13 September 2008 @ 11:01 pm
Random Musings from Shokotan's Blog.

The Top two are recent.
The Third is from July
The last one she talks about being on Cartoon KAT-TUN!
I really love her use of emots ♥♥♥
!!Tu tu lu!! ☆_
If people like these I might post more in the future then again I'll probably post it reguardless. Shokotan doesn't get enough ♥ from anyone on LJ. I love how she tries not to mention what happened on CTKT but you know something happened (;^ω^)

2008-08-23 23:53 PAULCollapse )
2008-08-23 19:00 GYARADOSCollapse )
2008-07-24 12:03 Saint AppleCollapse )
2008-07-23 13:48 DONGURI MEIRUCollapse )

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04 September 2008 @ 07:17 pm
I was bored so I came up with this meme considering it's fun when you find things on google.
Okay so here's how it goes.
  1. Pick a Guy from JE
  2. Type and Search his name on google
  3. Go to the Image results.
  4. Pick 6 different pages and 6 different pictures.
Easy right, except you can't repost the same pictures that were posted before. the reason, well it makes it more fun plus there's always new pictures
This is the first time I've made up a MEME! I hope everyone has fun.
Of course I picked Junnosuke to do for mine. And you too can pick the same people.

My 6 Taguchi JunnosukeCollapse )
If you wanna do this comment here and tell me who your picking so we can all see each other's pictures.
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☆~♥My Sweet Angel♥~☆
Title: hime to kashu (そして姫歌集)
Characters: Taguchi Junnosuke, Mari (it's actually a shorter version of my middle name)
Rating: G (for now who knows what might happen in the future of this story)
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone from Johnny's Entertainment, this is just fiction
Summary: A Princess from a foreign land is allowed 6 month before she is to return home and be married off too someone she does not care about. But her trip to Japan during her last 6 weeks would bring one unexpected surprise Junnosuke
Author's Notes: This is actually based off a dream I had hence the female character's name is my own. Although I used my middle name to make it easier on me to not mix it up with other stories I'm writing.
*Another random note-If you noticed I'm calling them tracks and not chapters, the reason is well I actually want it to seem like an album, Although I might actually post the songs I tend to listen to while writing this story. And at this point it's a pretty long soundtrack for a story.

This is actually being Updated in angelsnight so I thought I would give my friends list a chance to comment on the story. This is a batch
of the first 3 chapters. I'll probably just post the batches here every so often.
I would love to get some feedback from my Junno Obessed friends list about this story. I thought he needed alittle love when I started writting this story.

Prelude – 6 weeks and the angel under the Cherry Blossoms Collapse )
Track One – Unexpected BeginningCollapse )
Track Two – One Step at a TimeCollapse )
Track Three – DecisionsCollapse )
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Okay this maybe a bit insane.
The amount of Junno in this post makes me all happy.
And I made them in record time too.

Comments Are A MUST!!!
Credit Me if using

100 - Junno only
Wallpaper - 3 (all from the Myojo 10/08 issue)

*SideNote - I'm also writing a Junnosuke FanFiction. Which I updated before this post!
Prelude6 weeks and the angel under the Cherry Blossoms
Track One - Unexpected Beginning
Track Two - One Step at a Time
Track Three - Decisions

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26 August 2008 @ 04:05 pm
So yeah There's A Pic Spam 50 Pictures.
Some I used for the 100 Wallpapers.
I'm currently working on the other half of my 100 project.
100 icons will be up hopefully by the end of the week.
Maybe alittle longer considering how much I have to do for my community.

But For now Here's Junnosuke The King of Hearts

(This is the only picture your not allowed to take.... It's mine GRRRR!!!!!!)

Want all the pictures but don't actually want to waste time downloading one by one. Well guess what there's a batch link at the bottom for your joy and Junno happiness. (the batch includes the pictures from the 100 wallpapers)

The Junno 100 Wallpaper Post Are --->[Part One] [Part Two]
And remember Comments Are Love ♥
*Edit Megauload links added
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23 August 2008 @ 04:19 pm
I finished the icons earlier, but the Haruma wallpaper was in my computer for a while I just never got the chance to post them.
I hope everyone like them.
Remember to Credit if using

Aiba - 5
Jun - 5
Ohno - 5
Sho - 5
Nino - 5

Haruma - 2

There's only one place if you just follow this road to happinessCollapse )
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14 August 2008 @ 06:54 pm
So I started out making a couple of Icons and made alot....
But it's been a while since I made a post this big.
Please COMMENT if Taking.
And Don't Forget to Credit if Using
Here's The Count.... It's pretty long

KAT-TUN - 20
Kame - 15
Jin - 15
Junno - 15
Koki - 15
Ueda - 15
Nakamaru - 15
Aiba - 8
Jun - 4
Nino - 4
Ohno - 2
Sho - 3
YamaPi - 3
Utada - 7
Mihimaru GT - 4

Edit: I was in a hurry earlier
Credits for Scans yukie_chan, winkychan, jone_records, boys_paper
Credits for Textures - candycrack, hex_graphics (the usual credits are in my profile)
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